Sunday, October 14, 2012

Why you need social media?

Why do you need social media?
Social media is a great way to network with other people or business. They key is to network with the right people in your industry. Building networks or circles of friends, circles of acquaintances and/ or networking with business is done much more easily and effectively via social media platforms. Not only is it easier but it is also possible to network with larger players in different industries like Bill Gates, or Sir Richard Brandson etc. that would not normally be impossible to meet in real life. These industry leaders often interact with great blogs or social media posts that you would generally have to pay thousands of dollars for in real life if you had to attend one of their conferences. Joining industry leaders on a social platform should then (if only for this reason) make complete and utter sense. Free tips from great leaders …why not?

Networking helps promote your brand
On twitter for example you can gain a great deal of followers in quick time. True many of them will never buy from you but you can promote your brand to literally thousands of people for free (except for some time WELL spent). These people are linked to other people who are linked to other people and they know people and so blogs, tweets, Facebook posts etc. get spread to large amounts of people – promoting your brand across large playing fields. One of our clients only had 40 odd likes on his Facebook Business page but his weekly total reach was over 500. My simple question to you is this – Can you see 500 people per week? Probably not – so social media can be extremely effective in promoting your brand. Even a few likes can go a very long way in spreading your brand / product / service effectively. Not only is it very effective but it’s also more cost effective than other methods of marketing your brand.

You need social media because 

  • Creates networks – word of mouth effect
  • Its effective
  • You can get great advice for free from great leaders
  • You can reach more people quicker than you ever would in real life
  • It’s usually free or a very cost effective way of marketing your