Sunday, November 24, 2013

5 Quick ways to improve your website rankings

Sales is a numbers game and the more views you get on your website the more likely you are to attract business. Here are 5 quick methods that will help your business attract more clients.

1. Add your business to Google Maps
Google maps now offer great features such as adding photos, videos and specials. All these great little features can help, give your business some great exposure. Not only are these features available but Google maps will increase your search results in your direct area.

2. Add your business to Bing maps
Many more people use Bing as a search engine these days. Adding your business to Bing Maps will help your business tremendously.

3. Add your business to free business directories
There are many great free directories where you can list your business. All these free directories help to expose your business to more clients. Some are even worth upgrading (paying for) as they draw more visitors per month than your own website might.

4. Get a mobile website
Mobile access of the internet has gone up tremendously. Smartphones are on the rise and is the modern way to access information on the internet. A mobi-site will help clients to access your information with ease.

5. Make a small YouTube video of your business
YouTube remains a great way to expose your business. A simple 5 minute video about your business is well worth the effort.