Tuesday, November 6, 2012

7 Simple things can make a huge difference to / for your brand

Yesterday I went out looking for a dog micro-chipping company as it is now compulsory in S.A to chip all registered puppies / dogs. I had a quick look at their PDF map and thought I am pretty familiar with the street and area so I would drive down the road and find a board and just turn in. I mean how hard can it be...? right...wrong!. We drove up and down, up and down and up and down again without ever seeing a board. We then tried to access the website via a map but we were in a bad signal area so the internet was slow. We did notice a cat sanctuary close by and thought – “Well surely that has something to do with animals so that would be it or at the very least know their neighbours...right”?  Wrong again.

We decided to drive into a farm next door but by now we had lost confidence.  The farm resembled nothing of the place we were hoping to find. We reached the farm gate but thought we are not at the right place because there was no indication of micro-chips, animals, or veterinary (any visible signs of the brand). I was busy turning around when I noticed a small gate buzzer on the farm gate. I  decided  that I would not hurt to have a quick look at what this farm does... low and behold in the middle of nowhere on down a dusty farm road on a very tiny buzzer there was the company we were looking for – eureka!

But it got worse – inside we were greeted not as customers but it felt like a FBI interrogation

“What are you doing here?”
“Did you fax through an order?”
“Take the paper home and fill it in and bring it back?”


What did we learn from this?

1.       A board outside would have made a big difference in finding the place
2.       A board outside on the busy road would be great for extra marketing
3.       A Google maps – would have worked better (it would have given us a map to the meter)
4.       Internet access can have poor signal areas  - so be clear from the start
5.       A Mobi website would make a huge difference in download time
6.       A brand depends on people’s willingness to go the extra mile (You may have all the above but  your staff can still have a negative effect on your brand)
7.       Go the extra mile and help – especially first time clients.


Conrad Kruger
Marketing Manager



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