Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Why content is King?

The saying “Content is King” remains true for all websites and blogs who are serious about business.

What is content?
Content is the wording of your website and why people need to use your brand, product or service.

Content also deals with relevant product or service information for example specifications of products, warranties etc.

Why is content important?
Content is important because people are continuously looking for reliable information

For example a good website (South African website) on content will be www.marriageregistrar.co.za


Because they have relevant information on weddings and especially on the laws and regulations on legalizing a marriage. These laws and regulations are hard to come by and although people can get married in a court of law, courts don’t have a website that deals with wedding info. Therefore the information will eventually be sought by people looking to get married whether or not they are getting married in a court or at a wedding venue. This information draws clients to the website and eventually leads to business. This is what makes good content relevant – people will search for good information sooner or later.

What’s the difference between a Content writer and a copywriter?

In essence not much a writers of content are copywriters but people dealing specifically with website content may be referred to as website contend writers (content writers). Content writers deal more with research based on website keyword analysis and will then incorporate keyword search words or phrases into a website making the content of the website relevant for internet searching.

Should you hire a content writer for your website?

Most defiantly yes! Content is king and the money spend on a good content writer will be invaluable to your website.

How often should I update my content?

Content may be changed regularly in the infant stages of a website. This is simply due to the fact that great content writers will write and re-write information until the website flow through the website is of good standard. Content may change from time to time as information or products change but you don’t want to change your information to often as you want to create a stable brand that people rely on.

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