Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Keep your social profile professional

As a website design company (www.bizzsolutions.biz)  we often get requests to link client’s websites to their social sites.
More often than not clients struggle to keep their business and personal social sites separate.
It’s is highly advisable to keep business and personal social activities separate unless of course your selling yourself as a brand e.g. motivational speaker e.g. John Doe.  

Why keep them separate?

The greatest challenge that we find is that many clients lack social etiquette that may have a negative impact on their business. People often display to much of  their personal social life e.g. drunk photos , half naked pictures, hundreds of self love pictures, childish behaviour etc . on their social sites forgetting that tomorrow they might deal with some business associate on the same social site. There is an old saying; “The first impression is a lasting impression” Malcolm Gladwell’s brilliant book “Blink” describes how our very fist “gut feel” is often very right and you don’t want clients to get the wrong first impression of you.
I think we all have a couple embarrassing moments in our past and we wish we could turn back the clock and undo those stupid moments and that’s where we must be careful with social sites – Be careful not to embarrass yourself to an extent that you may regret it later on in life

The idea is not to remove all the fun from your social site but there is a certain professional etiquette you want to display on social networks especially if you going to be serious about business. Social sites can be a fantastic networking platform and that’s what you want to build on.
Always try and remember
From a personal perspective you should keep your social sites professional and realize that you are knowingly or unknowingly portraying and image to the world.  You want to send out a positive and uplifting message about yourself and your brand so keep it professional and keep it separate.
Arte non Impetu
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