Thursday, August 30, 2012

5 reasons why you should have a website

24 / 7 / 365 Salesman
A website should be seen as a medium that markets your product, service or brand 24/7/365
Websites remain relatively cheap and have a far reaching audience. If you consider printed media and its limitations you will quickly realize that a website is a far better way to spend your money and still have a good Return on Investment. Brand representatives (although vitally important) can never cover large demographical areas as effectively as a simple website can. Websites can easily be advertised by just using your domain name e,g. . This is a simple yet effective way to speak volumes without paying an arm and leg for advertising.

A website is descriptive of your brand

Brand representatives can never remember every single detail about a brand or product. Think for example of a car salesman and how impossible it is for them to remember all the features on one vehicle. A website can easily display many products or services and include most if not all of the features of your current stock. Enquiries and orders can be done easily and effectively online with minimum time and effort as your website has already done most of the talking for you.

Your competitor has one

In today’s competitive market there are literally thousands of people trying to offer the same product of service as yours.  Analytics show that more and more people are shopping online. When I look at my own teenage daughter I realize that even a desktop has become a dinosaur –like object to her. The new generation is growing up differently and using smart phones and smart apps. You should be constantly trying to stay one step ahead of your competition and regularly make them aware of your brand by using online marketing. You should start your online campaign with a website.

A website is your shop front

See your website as your shop front and place where you would display your services or products to your clients.  For service providers you can cut a great deal of cost by working form home and having a website displays your services or products. Wedding photographers for example don’t have to have a office as they mostly shoot at venues or botanical gardens. A website can be set up at a quarter of the cost of an office yet still be as effective in producing clients for your business

A website is your word of mouth

A lady whom was struggling as a kitchen cupboard installer told me she was struggling tremendously. I recommended that she starts with a website but she argued that she did not have money for a website and that she relied on word of mouth. There are a few points I want to make here – Word of mouth works for massive networking companies but a small business like a kitchen cupboard installer will never get enough business from word of mouth with the little work they do.

Secondly without marketing people will never know your business exists and therefore don’t expect any knocks on your door. A website is the modern day word of mouth. You should rather say “I can’t afford not to market my brand” the truth is great companies like McDonalds still market their brands and have websites why? Because they know it works!
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