Monday, August 27, 2012

Who to give your business card to

Marketing your brand?

Who to give your business card to

In the last two years I have given away 2000 business cards
Given that sales are a numbers game we also have to be smart make sure our marketing efforts are not done in vain or ineffectively. Try making your efforts count by being smart about who you give your business cards to. I have realized that many front desk people are not always the correct person with the proper authority to deal with your request, product or service.

Are business cards still a good marketing tool?
Yes, I believe that it is as many companies still have business card holders and it’s easier to go to a business card holder in your desk drawer and deal with companies in your field than to look around on directories. Problem is, as I mentioned in my previous blog, that many business cards lack a proper description of what a product or service is about thus making their marketing efforts ineffective.  After a couple of months your business card may end up in a bin because people are not sure what product or service they are dealing with.

Target your brand
While I was in the wedding industry I learned that many weddings or wedding venues had a wedding coordinator. I realized that by giving my business card directly to them (Wedding planner, wedding coordinator, wedding director) it had a more positive impact on my business. Not only did I give my business cards to them but I also made an effort to give it to other service providers that where at the wedding and in the wedding industry e.g. photographers, planners, coordinators, singers, musicians and so forth. The simple reason for this was networking with the right people in my industry targeting my brand more directly with others that may recommend my business. I also believe that once that first personal contact has been made people are more likely to recommend you because they had an opportunity to see your product or service personally. It’s easier to call someone you have met that to make a cold call.

Giving your business card to the wrong people
I wouldn’t have helped me much to give my business card to the wrong person e.g. to a construction companies foreman unless of course he was looking to get married.
Another common mistake is just to leave it at reception and hope that he or she would pass it on to the right person rather try and make an appointment with the right person and give them your business card personally.

Give your card to the right people
Give business cards out as sales still remains a numbers game. Make contact with the right people and give your business card to them personally.

Network with the right people in your industry for more positive referrals.

 Have a magic day
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